ProSwimwear are proud to introduce our Swimrun UK store, where you can find the best in SwimRun wetsuits at the most competitive prices.

SwimRun has experienced a huge growth in popularity in recent years, and many top triathlon brands have worked hard on developing a specialist range of Swim Run wetsuits.

They key difference between SwimRun and triathlon is the number of swimming and running sessions. While you only have one transition in a triathlon, you'll have multiple transitions in SwimRun.

A specialist Swim Run wetsuit will use the essential features of a traditional swimming wetsuit, but combine it with added features to improve running performance.

These SwimRun suits come in a range of designs, including full body wetsuits as well as suits with short sleeves and legs.

Our SwimRun UK store hosts the best brands including Arena, Blueseventy, HEAD, HUUB, Mad Wave, Orca, Zone 3 and many more.

So if you're looking to try out this exciting new sport, make sure you kit yourself up with the very best Swim Run wetsuit so that you're feeling race-ready at the start line.

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